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Reverze 2019

Reverze 2019 Location: Antwerpen Works: Livestream Date: 2019 Client: Badbirds / Bass Events

Euro 2016

Euro 2016 Location: Nice Works: Playout internal media services. Date: 2016 Client: Incast / Uefa


Heracles Location: Almelo Works: Led Banner/ Videowalls /Playout Boarding and Videowalls Date: 2017-ongoing Client: Heracles / Ledyousee.

Intersolar 2019

Intersolar 2019 Location: Munich Works: Led Floor/Led Wall /Displays /Dataton Date: 2019 Client: Av-Europe / Mansveld Expotech

Automechanica 2018

Automechanica 2018 Location: Frankfurt Works: Led/displays/Virtual Reality Date: 11/09/18-15/09/18 Client: Focus Amsterdam


K2022 Location: Dusseldorf Works: Led/Mediaserver/displays Date: 09/10/22-28/10/22 Client: Hoynk Alligence

Euro 2020

Euro 2020 Location: Amsterdam Arena. Works: Coax/Fiber/RF Date: 11/06/21-11/07/21 Client: Incast Uefa

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